The problem:

When hanging out with friends, one person is usually the designated planner to find something for the group to do. Many times this takes anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour and the result is usually the same as well– being nothing except chilling at someone’s house. It’s a challenge finding new things to do on a consistent basis that doesn’t involve traveling all over the place. There are events, and spots to explore all over the city but no one ever hears about them until it appears on social media. Not many groups of friends are going out of their way to search or discover what’s going on around them until they are told about it.

Introducing Shasel:

Shasel is a platform for groups of friends looking for something to do or find somewhere to hang out. Our platform promotes packaged days, suggesting local spots to hang out at and local businesses with on-going promotions. Each packaged day is designed to cater specifically to you through a filter questionnaire determining parameters such as how far you’re willing to travel, how many people, transportation etc. With every packaged day you will also have the option to customize the suggestions more to your liking. Are you worried about local spots being too crowded? Well, our users need no worries for the rest of their days, because all local spots will have information determining how busy the area is during the requested time of day.

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